Breached   Charter   Department

"You broke your so we broke ours"

The Breached Charter Department is the primary library consortium for Q.U.A.R.L. As new technologies alter the way information is provided, we expand to include resource sharing and reference activities made possible by the development of online services accessible through telecommunications links. In addition to providing overall direction and coordination in the implementation of reference services, we provide ongoing workshops for our members to enable them to utilize these services as they become available.

We report on the activities of the Apathetic Blockade Corp and we provide information to the Docile Evasion Foundation. We also keep the archives for the Weekly Q.U.A.R.L.

The Weekly Q.U.A.R.L. Archive

The Weekly Q.U.A.R.L. is an editorial based on actual news articles sent across various news agencies all over the world. It is filled with conjecture and comments that will upset some people. Unless you have been tied to a chair and have your eyelids taped open, you are not being forced to read this.

Volume 1 Issue 1
Volume 1 Issue 2
Volume 1 Issue 3
Volume 1 Issue 4
Volume 1 Issue 5
Volume 1 Issue 6

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