Corporeal   Discordain   Endeavor

"Be the next to come."

The Corporeal Discordian Endeavor attempts to promote human rights and "further the dedication of the populace toward education, integrity, brotherhood, and sisterhood in order to obtain for all people the freedom and rights stated in the United States Constitution." We uphold the vision of our founders by advancing each person to his or her highest ability, while fighting against bigotry in society. We promote the constitutional principal of separation of church and state and defend the individualís right to support any religion or no religion at all.

We are the working arm of the Quintet United Against Religious Legions. We receive our information from the Erisian Freedom Group and we provied targets for the Apathetic Blockade Corp.

Temple of the Living God Dennis Leary

The Corporeal Discordian Endeavor pays homage to Dennis Leary.

To learn more about our patron saint, visit:

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