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"We're to pathetic to get out of the way."

"The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the falsehood. One word of truth outweighs the world."

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

We are convinced that wrangling over theology is a wearisome futility, and that the ideas of theologians are like those of economists: unprovable; one either believed them or one did not. Our experiences as 'businesspeople' in the latter half of the '90s indicated to us that such things are mainly psychological and a reflection more of the warfare of wills, frequently plucked out of thin air on an experimental basis, and sometimes arbitrarily accepted. The subject of religion was similarly to be understood through psychological explanation rather than through the turning over of the tenets of theorists. Something with no intrinsic value at all was functioning as the basis of the largest part of the world's surface, including the USA, simply because it was acceptable to the great majority through whose hands it passed, and in full knowledge that it had no 'redeemable' content or quality. We are still waiting for a credible explanation why worthless material may serve as the medium of exchange among hundreds of millions for many scores of years, such a circumstance being basically uninfluenced by the hostile bellows of its critics.

We live in a time of compounded hypocrisy of such scope and sophistication that not many seem able to apprehend the nature of it all, let alone possess or come by the intellectual tools necessary to penetrate even its outer layers. We hear from the loudest of our pacemakers what amounts to a constant psychological warfare, though purporting to advocate with mind-numbing decibels 'balance,' 'moderation,' 'intellectual and academic freedom,' the 'need to know,' as well as many other civic virtues such as 'the right to hear both sides' and the like. Few issues have just two sides, but the convention is draped upon us all starting with their crippling assumption.

A common misconception is that when something bad happens to people, God is somehow responsible. The common call is that God has let this happen or even worse, that we canít possibly understand Godís wisdom. The truth is that God has given this world to us, to exert, as we desire. It is our world, which we make, and our destinies, which we fulfill. Such is the beauty of free will, a God given gift. However, since most people claim righteousness through religion, they canít see through the blindness they have inflicted upon themselves, shouting the hypocrisy of themselves.

We are the watchers of the world. We watch the news wires and provide information to the Erisian Freedom Group. We compare the world events to the libraries of the Breached Charter Department. With knowledge in hand, we seek to educate the world.

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