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As the twentieth century comes to a close, technological changes, corporate strategies, and international market pressures are undermining the traditional separation between the church and the state. Indeed almost every aspect of domestic policy has international ramifications. Attempts to reassert national autonomy or to rely exclusively on competition to resolve tension could fragment the economy, producing inferior outcomes for all. But the promise lies in the possibility of creating a global community able to balance the objectives of openness, diversity, and cohesion.

We offer a blueprint for a world of clubs in which the church remains a fundamental political unit but joins with other churches in pursuing common objectives. We contend that these clubs - functional, regional, and global - are necessary for a world of deeper integration.

Our purpose is to enlighten people to disavow any active church. We are not opposed to religious freedom or the act of worship, or the right to gather to worship. We are against those that profane the use of religion for self-righteous endeavors.

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Master Thepines, EFG, KSC

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